Best Cases For Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil is a great addition to your iPad, but it can be difficult to keep track of. That’s why a case or holder can help you make sure that your stylus doesn’t get lost.

A case can also protect your Apple pencil from accidental damage while in transit. Some cases also provide a stand for your Apple pencil to prevent it from rolling away while not in use.

BTSKY Hard Shell Protective Case

This case is the most affordable of our picks and offers a great deal of protection. It features a solid design that is slim and durable. It also has a convenient built-in holder that holds the Apple Pencil securely when not in use. This is a very handy feature that keeps it safe from unintentional damage.

The case has a rounded edge and soft silicone material, making it easy to grip and comfortable to hold. It is designed to protect the iPad and the Apple pencil from scratches, dust, and bumps. It is also easy to access the pencil from its nook, which is an important feature because you don’t want to have to remove it every time you want to use it.

BTSKY’s case is compatible with both the first and second generation of Apple pencils, as well as their accessories. It has a rotatable kickstand and strong magnets that can support the Apple For Apple pen case Pencil in seven positions. It also supports wireless charging and includes a special cutout for the stylus.

Another feature to consider is how the case attaches to your iPad. Some cases have a special loop that snaps over the back of the tablet and others have a cutout in the back for the stylus. The latter is more secure because it can’t slip out accidentally, but it might not be as convenient for people who often switch between portrait and landscape mode.

VersaCover for Apple Pencil 2

For Apple Pencil owners who want to keep their stylus secure, this holder is a great option. Its simple design is easy to grip, and it protects the pencil against bumps and scrapes. It also prevents accidental damage to the tip. This case is compatible with all iPad models, and it has a clip that attaches to the tablet. The sleeve also includes a small storage compartment for the Apple Pencil cap, so you won’t lose it while charging.

The soft silicone texture of this case helps you maintain a comfortable grip on your Apple pencil, and it also guards against scratches. Its sleek design doesn’t obstruct the operation of your tablet, and it comes in multiple color combinations. The sleeve is also available in two sizes for different hand preferences.

This case is compatible with both the first and second generation Apple Pencil, and it features a convenient storage pocket for the stylus’s cap. It also has a magnetic closure and auto wake-sleep functions, making it easy to use while charging or transporting. The case also provides protection against drops and other accidental damage, and it has precision cut outs to allow access to the camera and buttons. It also has a metal Moshi logo to add a little flair. However, it’s important to note that this case may not be suitable for the double-tap functionality of the second-generation Apple Pencil.

Titacute Leather Pencil Case

Losing your Apple Pencil is one of the biggest frustrations for anyone who uses a stylus with an iPad, especially when they are using the second generation version that boasts better pressure sensitivity and more features. Luckily, there are a few simple solutions that can help prevent your stylus from getting lost in the shuffle.

A case that looks like a traditional pencil is a great option, as it helps to keep the Pencil in sight and less likely to be accidentally misplaced. The PenSleeve is available in a range of colors and hugs the Apple Pencil to prevent it from sliding around, which can be frustrating when trying to write or draw for long periods of time. It also prevents the Apple Pencil from rolling away when it’s not in use and doesn’t get in the way of its magnetic charging or double-tap capabilities.

Another handy solution is a stand, such as this one from LAUT that securely attaches to the front of any VersaCover for iPad Pro case, keeping your stylus within reach and protected from scratches and other damage. It’s also easy to remove and reattach, so you can bring it out with your tablet when you want to use it without taking off your entire protective case. This case is available in four energetic colors and is the perfect add-on accessory for anyone who needs to keep their stylus close at hand.

VersaCover for iPad

This award-winning case is a slim, elegant, and versatile option. Its sophisticated design is inspired by origami. The unique folding cover displays your iPad mini at all the right angles for typing, reading, and watching videos. A soft microfiber cover shields the display while a shock-absorbing frame bonded to a shatter-proof hardshell case protects your iPad from bumps and drops. The built-in magnet assembly supports your tablet’s auto-wake/sleep feature and keeps the screen locked when closed.

Unlike some other cases, this one has no back or side buttons or cameras covered up by the lid. Instead, it has openings for the iSight camera and Lightning port and large holes on the sides of the case to expose the speakers and headphone jack. It also has a magnetic flap that folds over the Apple Pencil to keep it secure in the case when you’re not using it.

The flap also functions as a stand, which can be adjusted to hold the iPad in portrait, landscape, and a lower portrait configuration that’s ideal for drawing. Embedded magnets let you secure the flap to the back of the case for hands-free viewing, and there’s enough space For Apple pen case between the cover and the front of the iPad to charge the Apple Pencil against it.

One thing that’s annoying about the case is that it leaves lines on your iPad’s screen when you wipe it clean, but this problem is caused by a slight curvature in the plastic.

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