Electric retractable roof

Electric Retractable Roof

Regardless of the season, guests are protected from wind and rain. They will stay comfortable and safe as well as keep furnishings, fittings and fabrics from fading or becoming damaged.

Discuss the size and shape of your space with a reliable retractable roof supplier to understand your options and relative costs. For example, a straight-forward rectangle design will be less expensive to implement than a barrel or dome design.


A retractable roof is a stunning architectural addition to any space. It instantly upgrades the appearance of a hotel, restaurant or health club area and creates a more appealing atmosphere for guests to enjoy. The retractable structure allows for a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor and the ability to experience alfresco living, regardless of weather conditions.

The design of the electric retractable roof varies and may be comprised of both rigid elements that move or membranes that fold depending on the style and size of the structure. The Electric retractable roof former is more traditional and is often designed to look like an extension of the existing architecture and may feature fixed panels. In contrast, the latter is more modern and can feature high side walls that open along with the roof panels at the touch of a button.

The retractable roof opening can also be automated to close or open on a pre-programmed schedule based on weather conditions. This can be done by using sensors that detect the sun and heavy wind loads. The system can even be a manual option for spaces with limited budgets and offers many of the same benefits as a motorized unit.


Retractable roof systems offer convenience & ease of use for their owners. Depending on the fabric selected, they can protect against the sun’s harsh UV rays, light rain & even high winds. The rotating roof sections & optional features (integrated blinds, led lighting, infra red heating) are operated using the choice of hand-held wireless handsets that feature an informative LCD screen. This allows for precise control at any time.

The roof can be drawn completely during summer to create a cool, airy shaded area and can also be partially drawn in the cooler months to allow natural light through while protecting the space from wind & rain. The roof can also be retracted for star lit dining and entertainment in the evenings and is the perfect solution to blur the line between indoor & outdoor living spaces.

The roof can be paired with our Crystal-Tex Lateral Panel to enclose & isolate the space or our Vertical-Tex Vertical Enclosures to further protect the area from the elements such as wind and snow. All of our retractable roofs are equipped with a superior state-of-the-art motorized system which allows for operation at the touch of a button, and can also be automated for opening / closing with inbuilt wind & sun sensors. This provides a level of convenience that will greatly enhance any space, making it usable year-round for dining, entertaining or relaxing.

Energy Efficiency

A modern, elegant retractable roof will transform a space from being an indoor-only facility to one that seamlessly flows between indoors and outdoors. With the simple press of a button, the aluminum-framed structure can be opened to allow sunshine and fresh air to flood in, creating an outdoor atmosphere for customers to enjoy – even on cloudy days! With new designs that include entire high side walls that can also open, allowing for more ventilation in the area, this type of roof will make your business and its visitors feel healthier, safe, and happy.

A retractable roof can be automated and programmed to operate on demand, based on sun or wind conditions, for maximum convenience and energy efficiency. This is especially important in an environment like a mall where the roof can be opened and closed many times a day, during different weather conditions and throughout the seasons.

The cost of a retractable roof can vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of the structure being built. Larger structures will have higher engineering, materials and installation costs than smaller implementations. Additionally, a design that includes a bi-parting roof section or one that has multiple sections that retract over each other will have more complexity and therefore increase costs. However, the use of an automation system will further decrease these costs.


As with any other feature of a property, an Electric retractable roof will require Electric retractable roof regular maintenance. A thorough cleaning of the fabric or panels four times a year will help to prevent dirt, debris and moisture buildup that can cause damage. This can include holes or tears in the fabric, cracks in the panels, or rust on metal parts.

Additionally, keeping the roof retracted during extreme weather conditions can help to extend its lifespan. This can be especially important if the roof is exposed to harsh sunlight or wind, which can cause the fabrics and fittings of furniture to fade and shrink over time.

Keeping the roof protected against extreme weather conditions can also reduce energy costs, as it will keep the space cooler in hot temperatures and warmer during colder temperatures. This can be especially helpful for health clubs that host events in the summer or winter, as this will help to reduce heating and cooling costs while still providing a comfortable space for guests to enjoy.

In addition to regular cleaning and inspections, a professional motor and hydraulic technician should be called in if any issues arise with the retractable roof system. These professionals are trained to diagnose and repair any motor-related issues, ensuring that the system is restored to proper functioning. Attempting to fix these issues yourself may be dangerous and can result in further damage or malfunction.

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