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Add a Feminine Twist to Your Lingerie Wardrobe With a Sexy Corset

Add a hint of fetish flair to your lingerie wardrobe with a sexy corset. Designed to shape a woman’s silhouette, they’ve captured the erotic imagination for centuries.

Some characters in fiction wear them for a bit of mild fanservice, like the female Ranma in one episode of the manga. Others, like Abby on NCIS, wear them because they look good.

Sexy Corsets

When it comes to lingerie that instantly turns heads, few pieces sexy corset are as alluring as a sexy corset. Whether you’re getting ready for a romantic evening or just want to add some seductive edge to your regular outfit, a tight-fitting lace corset is the perfect way to show off your curves in style.

For a more casual look, our collection also includes underbust corsets that give your silhouette a naughty hourglass shape without showing much skin. These sexy waist-cinchers are perfect for adding classic Victorian flair to your steampunk fashion look or for wearing under a cocktail dress at a fancy event.

Women who wear a corset on a regular basis often experience reduced back pain and improved posture because it helps them stand taller with better alignment. They can also reduce the hunger-inducing effects of a stomachache and help fight eating disorders. The cinched waistline and better posture of the corset can also relieve neck and back tension, which often leads to headaches due to strained nerves.

Lace Corsets

Whether you’re looking for a classic or modern style, we carry the sexy corsets you need to complete your collection of lingerie. A lace corset features flat sides, a laced back, and a cone bra that pushes your breasts and creates a cinched body silhouette.

Lace corsets are ideal for thin or see-through clothing and come in a variety of colors. They also come in a wide range of sizes to fit any figure.

The boning in a lace corset is inserted into channels that are either sewn on top or built into the fabric casings. You can choose from different lacing styles, including criss-cross and straight-line lacing, to achieve the look you want. You can even replace the traditional laces with colorful ribbons to add a fun twist to your outfit. The cincher is the shortest of all the types of corsets, and it’s designed to reduce your waist size. Its front and back are long like a belt, but it has short sides to help you move comfortably.

Underbust Corsets

Unlike overbust corsets, underbust styles sit under the bust and don’t provide any bust coverage. These are typically used as innerwear or shapewear to achieve an hourglass figure, and they can also be worn over clothing for a more sexy look. Underbust corsets can come with standard-sized measurements or adjustable lacing to ensure a perfect fit.

Besides giving you the top-tier cinching that you’d expect from a corset, it can also help relieve your back pain by improving posture. In addition, the supportive nature of a corset can relieve some headaches and migraines by eliminating the tension in the neck and shoulder muscles.

At Spicy Lingerie, we feature a wide selection of sexy corset lingerie. From classic vintage lace to modern and edgy styles made with leather or vinyl, we have you covered. We even carry designs based on your favorite pop culture characters, including Harley Quinn and her Suicide Squad co-stars.

Lace Bustiers

A lace corset bra offers the cleavage-enhancing benefits of a full corset without requiring a garment like a dress or skirt to be worn over it. Designed to be worn on its own, this type of tight-fitting sexy corset corset top is often embellished with details like bow adornments and embroidery for a sexy lingerie look.

Corset tops that cinch around the waist are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. These tight-fitting undergarments may have a corset-like shape that looks similar to the waist of a Victorian corset, and they typically have laced fronts for added rigidity.

For a more feminine and delicate look, you can also find a wide selection of bustiers that highlight the cleavage. Popular content creator Bella Thorne recently flashed a barely-there white satin corset in a sexy mirror selfie that showcased her cleavage, and she completed her outfit with matching garter belts and panties.

Leather Corsets

The sexy look of leather is not everyone’s cup of tea so it wouldn’t really be ideal to wear as a lingerie piece. However, it does make a great fashion top for clubbing and nights out with the girls.

Corsets were first worn in the 16th Century by European nobility to mold women’s bodies into the ideal hourglass figure. Unfortunately, the tightness of these early corsets caused serious health risks such as lung failure and hemorrhages.

Today’s corsets are not nearly as tight and will not constrict your body like the earlier models. This makes them more comfortable to wear all day long. You can also choose to lace up your corset over a nice blouse so that you do not have to feel the hardness of it against your skin. The result is a gorgeous fashion statement that will turn heads for sure.

Vinyl Corsets

This shiny black vinyl corset is a staple for any alternative wardrobe. The vinyl is decorative, but the corset is still constructed to shape and smooth your curves for a dramatic hourglass effect. This style of corset is a great choice for an evening out in the club or a night at home with a movie.

Steampunk fashion combines Victorian fashion with industrial and military styles for a unique, creative look. Corsets are classic elements of steampunk clothing, and they look especially sexy when worn over a leather jacket or vest.

Spicy Lingerie offers a wide range of sexy corsets to flatter any figure. Choose from corset bras that are almost indistinguishable from push-up bras to full-on corsets designed for fetish wear. The sexy silhouette of the corset has captured the erotic imagination for centuries, and you can get that hour glass figure that is iconically pin up girl.

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