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If you’re into romance fiction, chances are you’ve seen a sexy corset. Corsets fell out of fashion in the 1920s, replaced by elastic brassieres and girdles, but they’re still popular among enthusiasts in fetish, goth, and BDSM subcultures.

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Corset Styles

Corsets are a sexy wardrobe staple that can shape and lift your bust line. They are available in many different colors, styles, and fabrics, so you can find the perfect one to suit your personal style. You can use a corset to enhance your figure and create the look of a smaller waistline or broader bottom, as well as improve your posture and lift the breasts.

If you’re looking for a classic sexy look, try an overbust corset. This style covers the whole torso and creates a conical effect on the ribcage. It’s also a great choice if you want to create an hourglass figure or want to add a romantic feel to your outfit.

Another sexy option is a waspie corset. This type of corset is shorter than the overbust corset and fits tightly around your hips to create a shapely waistline. A waspie corset can be worn under dresses or with a shirt and pants.

If you’re looking for something a little more dramatic, try a lace or satin corset. These corsets are typically adorned with beautiful floral motifs and will make you stand out at any event. You can also get a corset designed with your favorite pop culture character. For example, you can find a corset inspired by the badass Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad.


When it comes to sexy corsets, there are a variety of eye-catching colors to choose from. Pick a bright turquoise or pretty and angelic pink for a flirty and playful look. For something more dramatic, go for a red corset that’s the official shade of seduction. A sexy black corset is also a must-have for any wardrobe.

The mid-1850s saw a number of innovations in dress production and dyeing, resulting in a wide variety of hues available to the fashion-forward consumer. Aniline purple was the first synthetic dye, and it allowed manufacturers to create dresses in a wider range of colors. In the same period, the lace corset became more voluminous as manufacturers began using silks and cottons in place of wool and linen. This allowed the garment to be worn with a wide range of outfits, and it also gave women more control over their shape.

A sexy corset is the ultimate undergarment for shaping the body to accentuate feminine curves. The undergarment has captivated the erotic imagination for centuries, and even after the corset fell out of fashion in the early 20th century, it continues to be worn by people who enjoy fetish attire. Corsets come in a wide range of sizes and styles, so there’s sure to be one that suits your tastes. To get the most out of your sexy corset, be sure to carefully follow the manufacturer’s sizing guide and avoid lacing it so tight that it causes back pain or restricts breathing.


Corsets are made from a variety of materials and some have multiple layers. The main layer is called the strength layer and must be strong, hard-wearing and non-stretch, while being comfortable to wear against the skin. Coutil is the best fabric for this purpose, although cotton duck, canvas and drill can also be used if they are tightly woven. A lining is sometimes necessary and can be a matching fabric or herringbone coutil. Waist tape can be twill tape, a sturdy ribbon or tailor’s tape of 5/8 inch or 7/8 inch width.

Some corsets are decorated with embroidery, lace and other ornaments. These may add visual interest to the sexy corset corset and enhance its appearance. Other embellishments include studs, metal spikes and chains. A sexy corset can be worn for an array of purposes, including fashion, costume or as part of fetishism. For example, a specially designed corset can be worn during bondage or discipline/sado-masochism (BDSM) to give the submissive or bottom a very tight and restricted body shape.

Some sexy corsets are made of leather. This is a showy and dramatic corset style, although it can be hot to wear. If you choose to make a leather corset, then be sure to use high-quality, heavy leather. You should also take careful measurements and make a muslin mockup first to work out any fit issues, as the material is unforgiving to picked seams.


While they may make you think of long-ago fashion, a corset is not only sexy, but it’s also great for posture. The boning in a sexy corset helps keep your back straight and can push your abdomen out (which can reduce waistline size). Plus, the pressure it puts on the stomach increases upper chest volume for that perfect pin-up silhouette.

A sexy corset is great to wear when going out on the town or for special occasions. It instantly provides that cinched-in look favored by legendary pin up girls and is perfect to pair with high-waisted jeans, skirts, and pants. To keep the look from feeling costume-y, opt for a corset top that’s made of a soft fabric like lace or satin and matches well with your dress or pants color.

Whether you’re looking for a corset to flatter your hourglass figure or something more dramatic, there are plenty of options on the market. For a more subtle effect, try a corset from a brand that specializes in lingerie for plus-size women like Daisy Corsets or Top Drawer. If you’re going all out on your next night out, consider a more dramatic design from emerging label Uniform Person. Or, for a more romantic and classic look, browse the selection at Spicy Lingerie. Here, you’ll find a wide range of high-quality corsets and bustiers from brands including Daisy, Camellias, Top Drawer, Lavish, and others.

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