The Return of the Sexy Corset

After last year’s first season of Bridgerton, corsets have been on everyone’s minds. It’s easy to see why – these undergarments are erotic, and shape a woman’s silhouette.

Turn into a sexy siren in this premium plus size corset with black eyelash lace. It hugs all the right curves and looks stunning on every body type.


The sexy corset is a figure-sculpting, bust-lifting undergarment that has captured the imagination for hundreds of years. It may have been replaced by bras a century ago, but its sinuous lines remain seductive to this day.

When shopping for a corset, it is important to know your size. Reputable corset sellers will use waist measurements to determine the correct size for a custom-made garment. To take your waist measurement, bend to the side and wrap a tape measure around your torso where the natural crease forms between the ribs. To make sure the corset fits well, a good rule of thumb is to start by measuring four inches smaller than your natural waist.

Whether you are petite and have a small waist or fuller and want to enhance your curves, a sexy corset is perfect for you. For a petite torso, a long-boned corset is ideal because it will accentuate the waistline and provide more lift to your breasts than a push-up bra would. For a slim and tall figure, you can choose from a variety of on-trend designs that will fit close to the body without being constricting.


The corset has captured the erotic imagination for centuries. Its ability to shrink the waist, define hips and create heaving bosoms has drawn men in like moths. Even after they fell out of fashion in the early 20th century, they remained a staple in period films and fetish magazines.

Corsets have recently experienced a major resurgence in popularity. It might have something to do with the Bridgerton series igniting interest in all things Regency, but it certainly can’t hurt that they look so good on the women who wear them.

In addition to their ability to shape the body and enhance bust size, sexy corsets can also look very chic when worn as lingerie. Whether you’re looking to add some serious edge to your sexy corset nightwear or want to impress on a date, we carry a wide range of styles to choose from.

We use lovely bonded satin laces in our corsets, which are easy to lace and don’t tangle easily. We also offer custom corsets, based on at least 24 measurements, for clients who want a truly special piece of lingerie to add to their collection.

If you want a more subtle look, we have underbusts as well. The underbust is also a better option for those with narrow/compressed rib cages. We recommend trying one on before you buy to get a feel for the fit and comfort.


The corset is a figure-shaping undergarment that has captured the imaginations of women for hundreds of years. While it may not be as popular as bras, it has returned to fashion circles in recent times. Its revival is fueled by a growing interest in cosplay and period romance TV shows like Bridgerton.

If you want to wear a sexy corset, you should choose one that fits your body type. If you have a straight body shape, a sexy corset that enhances the bust will create a proportional upper and lower appearance. On the other hand, women with pear shape bodies have a larger waist and smaller bust. A sexy corset that is designed to slim the waist will work well on this body type.

Another option is a bustier, which is a more affordable alternative to a corset. A bustier can be worn as outerwear or underwear, and is usually laced from the front with two loops for garters. Some styles feature a built-in bra and can be worn with nipple pasties to create a more sensual look.

A sexy corset should be made from high-quality material to ensure that it lasts. For example, a corset from Enchanted is made using at least 24 measurements to guarantee that the garment will fit perfectly and feel SEXY! It also features all steel boning (spiral and flat), a solid steel busk with riveted posts and sexy corset eyes, modesty panels in front and back, and satin lacing. The corset is then backed with cotton corset coutil, which minimizes stretching in this vital area of the garment.


For centuries, the corset has stirred erotic fantasies. Its ability to shrink a woman’s waist and create heaving bosoms has made it a popular lingerie item, a staple of the gothic, steampunk, and fetish fashion trends. In the modern era, it has experienced a renaissance in part due to its role in period films and re-enactment groups. It is also a favorite for women who like to feel powerful and confident in their body.

When shopping for a sexy corset, choose one that fits well and feels comfortable. Many stores offer custom fit, which is an excellent option for anyone who wants a snug but not restrictive garment. The process begins with taking at least 24 measurements and creating a pattern. Then, a mockup is made, and the customer goes through as many fittings as needed to make sure that the corset looks good and feels great.

Corsets can be worn as a undergarment or as outerwear. In addition to steel boned corsets, a variety of soft, flexible fabrics are available. Some have lace up fronts that allow you to create a sexy lingerie look. They can also be trimmed with lace or embroidery for a more romantic style. They are available in many colors, including neutral black. Some are laced with bonded satin laces, which don’t tangle easily and last up to a year with daily wear.

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