Sexy Corsets and Bustiers

The corset has captured the erotic imagination for centuries. Designed to shape a woman’s silhouette, it’s the perfect piece to add allure to any outfit.

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Corsets are a sexy and feminine piece of clothing that can be worn in many ways. In addition to being a fashion statement, they can reduce your waistline, flatten your tummy, and even improve your posture. They are also great for shaping the bust and lifting it. This is why they are often used in cosplay and other activities that require them to be comfortable.

It is important to know your body’s measurements before you buy a corset. For beginners, a good rule of sexy corset thumb is to buy a corset that is up to four inches smaller than your natural waistline. This will ensure that the corset fits snugly, but is not too tight. To take a proper measurement, bend to the side and find your natural waistline, which is usually around where you naturally crease your torso.

A corset bra is a good alternative to a traditional overbust corset for plus-size women who want to flaunt their curves in a more sexy way. These bras are designed to look almost indistinguishable from a regular bra, but they feature padding, wire, and lace to boost the bust. They are available in a wide range of sizes, from 12 to 24. They can be worn under any dress to create a sexy hourglass figure. They can also be paired with a lace lingerie set to add more drama to the outfit.


Sexy corsets and bustiers are closet must-haves that can be styled with lingerie pieces for a chic look or worn alone. While corsets shape the waist and curves, bustiers are a more comfortable option that can give your upper chest some extra boost. The most important factor when choosing a corset is the fit, as it will determine how restrictive and uncomfortable it is to wear.

A sexy corset can be worn over a dress, a pair of jeans, or even as a top underneath another shirt. You can also choose a backless corset to show off more skin for a sexy look. A lace-up design and a strapless neckline add a romantic touch to the piece, while a bow adornment or embroidery offer a more fashionable finish.

When choosing a corset, consider your body type and goals. If you want to shape your waistline, go for an overbust with a U-shaped or hourglass structure. If you have a small bust, try a straight front or midbust corset. Bigger breasts will benefit from a corset with padding or a cincher.

Corsets were first designed as undergarments more than five hundred years ago to make women appear more slender. Over time, they morphed into a fashion staple and gained popularity for their figure-shaping benefits. Corsets were often painful to wear, however, as they pushed the flesh and skin of the waist tightly around the natural curves of the body, leading to respiratory and rib damage.


There are a wide variety of materials from which sexy corsets can be made. Most commonly, a corset is lined with canvas drill or another plain, strong fabric and then covered with a fancier cloth, such as brocades, shot silk, taffeta, or satin. Modern fabrics made to look like their more expensive, historically period-oriented counterparts are good choices for these outer layers. Check the upholstery fabric remnant tables at your local store for scraps that are perfect for making a corset, and don’t be afraid to buy something a bit more expensive if it looks really nice and has an interesting pattern.

If you’re not ready to commit to a full corset, there are many corset-like bras available. Some of these are almost indistinguishable from regular bras, but others feature lace, embroidery, or other embellishments that add a sexy lingerie look to any outfit. Some even have padding and wire to lift the bust and push it together for a cleavage-enhancing effect.

The corset has captured the erotic imagination for centuries with its ability to shrink the waist, define hips, and create heaving bosoms where they previously didn’t exist. Though they fell out of fashion sexy corset with the onset of the push-up bra in the 1980s, corsets have resurfaced as costume and fetish pieces, and are often worn as outerwear in styles influenced by Goth and steampunk.


While corsets are generally viewed as an undergarment, they can also be worn over bras for a sexy look. These tight-fitting lace tops will make your breasts appear bigger and more perky, and will give you that hourglass figure iconized by pin up girls. They are also known to reduce back and neck pain caused by large, heavy breasts. This is because the tight fit of the corset presses the breasts firmly against the chest and eliminates bouncing that causes stress on the neck and back.

Corsets have been in a bit of a renaissance lately. This trend has been largely attributed to period dramas that feature women wearing corsets and a renewed interest in Victorian style. However, this garment has a long and twisted history that began as a patriarchal tool of torture to deform the female body and ended up being used in fetish and cross-dressing practices.

Bustiers are a similar garment to the corset but aren’t quite as waist-defining. They can be found in a variety of styles, including those with moulded cups and are typically designed to sit at the waist or hips. They are a popular alternative to waist trainers, and aren’t as restrictive, making them a comfortable option for everyday wear.

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