The Benefits of a Sexy Corset

Once upon a time, corsets were seen as an extreme fashion statement. They were worn at Halloween, sported by It-girl celebrities and favored by those involved in body modification, cosplay and fetishism.

Today, the sexy corset has regained popularity, proving it’s not just for period pieces. Corsets are also a staple in fantasy and clubwear lingerie.

Shape Your Waist

When it comes to shaping your waist, corsets are a go-to for a slimming and curve-enhancing look. Choose from our wide range of shapewear corsets to find the perfect style for your curves. We have many different styles of corsets available in a variety of materials, including lace, satin and leather. We also sexy corset have corsets with lacing at the front or back for that traditional Victorian feel.

Choose a long line design for a flattering look that sits at the natural waist, or a shorter underbust style for a more figure hugging shape. It’s important to size your corset properly so that it fits snugly without being too tight or uncomfortable. Sit down on a hard surface and use a stick or big ruler to measure the distance between your pelvic bone and your breast bone.

Our corset lingerie is perfect for giving your outfit a vintage look or for wearing on its own for a night out on the town. We also have edgy styles made with leather and vinyl for a kinky and seductive look.

Correct Your Posture

When a woman wears a corset, it pulls her shoulders back to help prevent slouching. This makes her posture look more upright and improves her confidence. It also helps prevent slouching and back pain caused by poor posture.

Corsets can also add a touch of drama. For example, a lace and velvet corset is a great choice for a vintage-inspired date night. You can even find more kinky styles made with leather or vinyl, perfect for a boudoir session.

Of course, not all corsets are created equal. Some may cause back and shoulder pain if they’re too tight or don’t have enough support. A good quality corset should feel snug but not restrictive, with no sharp edges that dig into your skin. The best corsets for posture correcting also have wide straps to distribute the pressure on your back and shoulders more evenly. Avoid halter straps, which can pull at the back of your neck and exacerbate a hunched back. Instead, opt for waistcoat-style corsets with a high supportive back that extends up to the thoracic vertebrae and shoulder straps that aren’t too tight or pulled forward too much.

Lift Your Breasts

For buxom and voluptuous women, a sexy corset provides more lift than a regular push-up bra and enhances the curves of the bust for a more dramatic effect. Plus, it’s great under dresses and tops with backless or strapless necklines.

Channel your inner sexy siren in this stunning lace sheath corset gown. The premium polyester satin and lace fabric create an air of sophistication and elegance. The sheath dress highlights your curves with a wrap skirt that leads into a daring front slit. Little details like the lace bra peeping out and a side bow add texture and a touch of romance to this bohemian dream.

You can also go bold and sexy with an underbust corset set in black, the color of seduction and mystery. Choose a set with fabric restraints and a garter belt for a kinky game of soft bondage in the bedroom or keep it sweet and romantic with a floral lace underbust corset.

Enhance Your Curves

Whether you want to look like a movie star or are simply looking to get sexy, wearing a corset is an easy way to add instant sexiness. Not only do they look great, but they also make you feel good by reducing stress levels. The deep pressure from a corset can help relieve depression and anxiety.

In addition to defining your waist, a sexy corset can enhance the curves of your body and give you a more hourglass figure. A steel-boned corset is a good choice because it’s more durable and provides more support than the typical cloth or lace ones.

A corset can be worn over a blouse or with a dress for a romantic look. For a casual look, try pairing it with sexy corset a leather jacket and jeans. You can also find corsets with back modesty panels to avoid exposing too much flesh. A longline corset, which starts at the shoulders and extends down to the hip bone, is a great option for women with longer torsos. A shorter kind of corset, which stops short of the iliac crest, is called a waist cincher.

Add a Little Bit of Drama

There’s something dangerous and feminine about a corset, from the gothic princess in the dark forest to the decadent burlesque star on a dimly lit stage. However, when laced tightly enough to cause breathing problems, rib damage and even organ failure, a corset can have an unintended dark side.

From Scarlett O’Hara death-gripping a bedpost in Gone With the Wind to Elizabeth Swann fainting after being laced so tight in Pirates of the Caribbean and Rose DeWitt Bukater struggling to breathe in Titanic, this unintended constriction has become onscreen shorthand for the restrictions historical women were subject to. But these scenes are based on a fundamental misunderstanding of how corsets work, and they’re far from accurate.

Luckily, you don’t have to lean into a period drama when styling your corsets. You can wear your corsets casually or dress them up for a more formal occasion. To create a laid-back look, layer your corset over a form-fitting top or blouse and pair it with skinny jeans or pants. For a more formal ensemble, try wearing Out from Under’s Modern Love Corset with a satin skirt or black parachute pants.

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