How to Get a Flattering Fit at the Waist With a Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit is the go-to outfit when you want to look effortlessly chic and put together. It is flattering for every body type, whether you want to cinch your waistline like Gigi Hadid or wear the wide legs as a look of height.

Keep in mind fit is key with a jumpsuit as it shouldn’t be too tight or too baggy. For special occasion looks, consider tailored styles that will flatter your pear shape or rectangle body.

Flattering Silhouettes

Whether denim, silky or block color, jumpsuits create jumpsuit a monochromatic silhouette and help to visually balance your figure. The look is especially flattering for women with long torsos as it helps to conceal the length of their torso and add more height to their frame. Jumpsuits are available in a wide range of styles, so it’s easy to find one that suits your personal style and is appropriate for any occasion.

The most flattering jumpsuits for hourglass-shaped women are those that fit snugly across the hips and chest with a defined waistline. This shape accentuates the natural curves of the body and gives the illusion of a slimmer, more defined waist. Women with an apple-shaped body type may need to wear a looser-fitting jumpsuit that’s blousy up top and skinny in the legs, or a jumpsuit with a flared leg such as a bootcut or even an exaggerated wide leg (which is very on-trend this season).

A stylish jumpsuit can be worn year-round depending on how it’s styled. When the weather turns cooler, a blazer or quilted jacket can be added to the ensemble for a professional office look, or a cape can also be worn over a jumpsuit to create a more feminine and elegant outfit perfect for a special occasion. When paired with the right accessories, a jumpsuit can take any look from casual to chic in an instant.

Hourglass Body Type

If you’re blessed with a naturally hourglass figure (which is the ideal body shape to rock jumpsuits) then finding one that flatters your silhouette is easy. You’ll find that the hourglass shape naturally has a defined waist, so jumpsuits with a belt or elasticated waist are great for emphasising this feature. A form-fitting style will also help accentuate your curves, so avoid fluttering or wide-eyed styles that look bulky and shapeless.

Opt for a dark colour to draw the eye up and elongate your torso. Necklines should be slimming, not visually widening the shoulders or adding volume to this area – so stick with necklines that are slightly rounded and v-shaped. Sleeves should be fitted, too – cap sleeves and sleeves that go just below the elbow work well for this type of body.

A pear-shaped body is generally a little wider around the hips, with narrower shoulders and thighs. To balance out this look, you’ll want to find a jumpsuit that is tighter at the top, and looser at the bottom. This will accentuate the narrow hips, whilst helping to hide a larger bust size. A ‘coke-bottle’ silhouette is a great way to do this, as it is tighter up top, with more volume around the hips and thighs and then tapered towards the ankles. This look also works for petites as it creates an unbroken vertical line that draws the eye up.

Getting the Right Fit at the Waist

Getting the right fit at the waist is an important part of any pants fitting, but especially in a jumpsuit since the pants and top are connected. A jumpsuit should be a bit longer in the crotch than your natural waistline to create a flattering blousey effect and to make it comfortable when you’re sitting down. If you shorten it too much, however, the pants may feel tight around your waist and be difficult to get on and off.

Whether you’re pear-shaped, rectangle-shaped or apple, a jumpsuit can flatter your figure. The structured blazer-style top creates an unbroken vertical line that can elongate your frame while the wide-leg pants and cropped hem work to add height. Pair the look with your favorite shoes, such as pointed-toe heels or mod Western-style Chelsea boots, to further elongate your legs and frame.

If you’re petite in stature, look for a jumpsuit that includes adjustable waist ties so you can cinch it to highlight your slimming waistline. If you have a larger body shape, don’t fret if a jumpsuit doesn’t fit because it can easily be changed into a dress. All you need is a seam ripper, scissors, thread and pins to change the outfit from its current form into something that fits your frame better. If you’re unsure of how to alter the fabric, consult your local sewing store for advice or watch an online video tutorial.

Style Tips

A jumpsuit is a versatile fashion piece that looks as chic as a dress with the right styling. It can be worn jumpsuit for work, to run errands on the weekend, or even to spend a romantic evening with your partner. Whether you have a pear-shaped body or an hourglass silhouette, it is possible to achieve a flattering fit at the waist with a jumpsuit. Moreover, you can easily make it look stylish by adding the right accessories.

A belt can be used to define your waist and turn a column silhouette into an hourglass shape. You can also try a thin belt in a contrasting color to add eye-catching detail to your outfit. Other accessories you can use to elevate a simple jumpsuit include a pair of trendy sunglasses, a stylish handbag, and a fun hat.

If you are planning to wear a jumpsuit for a casual occasion, be sure to choose a style that will be comfortable with flat footwear. Classic sneakers or sandals will complete a casual look, while espadrilles can be worn for a relaxed beach picnic or park excursion. If you will be wearing the jumpsuit for a formal event, you should consider choosing a more formal shoe style such as pumps or stilettos. This will ensure that your look is polished and put-together without making you feel uncomfortable or uneasy.

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