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Corsets come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, from novelty sexy corset lingerie to high street fashion. They can be tight-laced to create an hourglass figure or worn loose for a sexy look with shorts.

You’ll also find modern styles designed with leather and vinyl for a kinky look that will add spice to your boudoir. But where do you start?

Classic Lace Corsets

Indulge in a vintage lace corset that combines Victorian allure with modern sensuality. Crafted from delicate lace, this longline underbust satin corset adds curves to your frame while embracing your femininity. Featuring adjustable straps and hooks, this corset is customizable to fit your figure perfectly.

Unlike other styles, this lace corset does not compress your bust so it’s ideal for those with larger busts or women who prefer a little more modesty. This sexy vintage-inspired style features a slight scoop around the bust that makes it easy to wear without a bra — though we recommend wearing one for extra support.

Whether you’re headed to the gym or going for a casual stroll, Black-owned label Rosamosario’s lace corset top is the perfect wardrobe addition. Its sexy, vintage-inspired silhouette carefully totes the line between special occasion and everyday wear, making it a great option for layering under blazers with pleated trousers or even tucked into a fitted mini skirt.

Underbust Corsets

Corsets are the most dramatic type of shapewear a person can wear. They are designed to be tight-fitting, giving the exaggerated hourglass figure and waist train that some women desire. However, they don’t restrict your range of motion like girdles or merrywidows do. This can be a relief for women who are claustrophobic or uncomfortable with restrictive garments that aren’t well made.

Corset manufacturers have a choice of materials in which to make their products. Lace, which is breathable but will give you sexy corset a sexy look, and mesh are both lightweight and thin. Leather is thicker but will create the dramatic figure you desire.

Another option is a longline underbust corset, which extends to the hips and is suitable for people with longer torsos. It is typically designed for waist training, but it can also lift and define the breasts. It can be worn as a fashion accessory or under your clothes, and it usually has built-in pads and detachable garters. Some even have a revealing design that resembles lingerie. The corset’s lacing is often thick shoelace cord with a spring.

Modern Corsets

Fashion is cyclical, and after two years of skin-baring bodysuits and leggings, it seems that many are welcoming structure back into their lives. A corset is one way to do just that, and it’s a trend that’s been embraced by celebrities like rapper Saweetie and Lizzo, who’ve recently worn vintage-inspired bustier bodysuits in various colors and fabrics.

Another style that’s seen a resurgence is the longline underbust, which reaches down to your hips. It can be worn as a fashion accessory over solid-hued dresses or oversized button-up shirts, or you can wear it underneath your clothes to cinch your waistline and give you the illusion of an hourglass shape.

This style features a lace panel at the front and a metal chain detail along the shoulders. Made by Delhi-based brand SNCC, it’s the perfect choice for those who want to look sexy and sophisticated. Pair it with a denim skirt or skinny jeans for an elevated dominatrix-esque look. A modern version of the Victorian Riding Underbust, this one has a lower cut for more mobility while still providing that all-important nip in the waist. The flat spiral bones were originally stiffened with baleen (which is not a bone, but a type of keratinous tissue found in the upper jaw of baleen whales).

Leather Corsets

The sexy look of leather corsets can be used to add a dramatic flair to dresses or tops. Choose a vegan leather style with pointed details and rounded hemlines for a sophisticated silhouette. Pair it with a pencil skirt and strappy heels to create an elegant outfit for a special occasion.

Leather corsets also work well for waist training, and many were originally designed to help with that purpose. The stiffer materials of these garments are able to hold their shape longer than cotton or satin. They also offer extra posture support.

When choosing a leather corset, be sure to find one that fits comfortably. Most brands recommend ordering one size smaller than your natural waist measurement. The ideal fit should leave room for you to lace it tight and still allow for normal breathing.

Many people experience a boost in confidence and self-esteem when wearing a corset. This is sexy corset due to the feeling of being hugged and supported by this garment. It can also be a reminder of your body’s strength and beauty.

Pop Culture Corsets

When the word corset comes to mind, it may conjure an image of a tightly laced, organ-squishing garment worn by women in the 18th and 19th centuries to achieve an hourglass figure—the sort of thing featured on historical drama TV shows like Bridgerton. But that’s a reductive picture of the undergarment’s divisive cultural history, which is being dismantled by new styles and celebrities.

For example, TikTok fashionistas have replaced the pastoral nap dresses and cardigans of #Cottagecore with what they’re calling #Regencycore, which entails wearing regalia inspired by 18th and 19th-century dress—including corset silhouettes. Meanwhile, the sexy corset has found a new audience thanks to celebrities like Billie Eilish and Bella Hadid wearing bustier bodysuits in public.

Designers such as Vivienne Westwood are openly embracing the trend, and gender-diverse models like Lizzo and Saweetie are making the look their own by rocking it at concerts and on red carpets. Corsets are also a popular undergarment in the goth and BDSM subcultures, where tightlacing is a central fetish practice. In fact, the popularity of sexy corsets has driven searches for the garment up 306 percent on Lyst this year.

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