Sexy Corsets For Every Occasion

Once upon a time, corsets were reserved for sexy Halloween costumes and Moulin Rouge-inspired moments on the red carpet. They gave way to girdles and shapewear like Spanx, but the Kardashian-approved waist trainer craze has brought them back.

The sexy corset is flattering for every body type, as seen on celebrities and influencers. Whether you choose leather, vinyl, or satin, these curve-enhancing tops will show off your shape.

Sexy Lace Corsets

Lace corsets have captured the erotic imagination for centuries, and with good reason. They can shape the waist, define the hips, and create heaving bosoms where there were none. These undergarments may look like the latest trend, but they’ve been around since the 16th Century — worn by nobility at first to mold women’s bodies and make them more elongated and slimmer.

When wearing a lace corset, it’s important to remember that you should only tighten it a few inches at a time. Too tight a corset can cause extreme discomfort, mark the skin, and trap blood circulation. It can also lead to rib cage damage or even death.

Discover our collection of sexy lace corsets and lingerie sets designed for all occasions. Find the perfect wedding corset or honeymoon corset in sultry white to add an extra touch of romance to your special day. Or, choose a black lace corset to accentuate your curves and leave little to the imagination. We also carry a wide range of corset bras to help you achieve the hourglass figure of your dreams.

Sexy Underbust Corsets

Channel your inner dominatrix in sexy corset sets designed to command the bedroom. A chain collar and fabric restraints make these lingerie pieces perfect for a daring game of soft bondage while a set of adjustable garter straps will ensure a fit that is snug enough for the sexy look you desire.

Whether you choose a see-through lace version that will drive your man crazy or a faux leather style with structure boning, underbust corsets are a surefire way to give you an irresistible hourglass figure that will have him pining over you in no time.

If you have a small bust, consider a flat front corset that will reduce your waist size while a mid-bust one that supports your breasts will give you a nice shape. Bigger breasts work well with sexy corset a cupped corset for a fuller and more lifted cleavage appearance. If you want to correct your posture, go for a U-shaped or Bustier type of corset that will shape your back as well as your waist.

Sexy Leather Corsets

There’s something so sexy about leather. It’s a look that can be both powerful and seductive, and it’s no wonder why it’s a favorite in the BDSM sexy corset community as an outfit for sexy dominatrixes. Our sexy corsets in leather are designed to be both elegant and kinky, with sturdy stitching and metal grommets for waist training and a figure-enhancing effect.

We have a variety of styles to suit your tastes, from a black leather corset that’s perfect for casual wear or a sensual evening out to a pink leather bustier corset that’s reminiscent of the Victorian era for a retro-racy look. Many styles feature front closures and acrylic boning for a structured, flattering look that’ll make your outfit oh-so-sexy.

For a rave-worthy outfit, pair a sexy leather corset with matching nipple pasties and tights for a look that’ll be a hit in the dark of night under pulsing lights. Our vinyl waist-cincher is also great for festivals, where it can be worn plain or with a mesh top. It’s a look that can take you from day to night, and it looks stunning when you walk under the bright glow of a stage’s lights.

Sexy Vinyl Corsets

For a more modern look that still slims and boosts the bust, try a sexy vinyl corset. These are much more comfortable than the stiff Victorian styles, designed to contour the body rather than restrict it. They’re made with curve-hugging boning and lacing either at the front or back, and are available in a variety of sizes so you can find the perfect fit.

You can also find a wide range of corsets with lace or leather trim for an elegant, vintage style that draws attention to the bust. There are also sexy corset sets for a complete outfit, with a matching garter belt and g-string panty to help accentuate sexy upper thighs.

While the corset has been associated with fetishization and oppression, it’s important to remember that it wasn’t just men who laced their wives so tightly they could struggle to breathe or die. Modern corsets are more comfortable and safe to wear, and they can be adjusted to the body without any excesses. They also don’t restrict the chest and abdomen like the steel-boned Victorian styles, which can cause respiratory problems, rib damage and other health issues.

Sexy Pop Culture Corsets

There’s no denying that corsets can be sexy, especially when they’re designed with your favorite pop culture heroine in mind. For example, this Suicide Squad Harley Quinn corset is a bold way to show off your inner bad girl. And, with a velvet fabric and bold red and blue color scheme, it’s sure to turn some heads in the bedroom.

Although the corset has been associated with oppression and fetishism, it’s not always been that way. According to a blog post by Hagen History Center, women in ancient Greece wore garments similar to corsets that accentuated the small waist. And, in modern times, Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker and Beyonce have sported a variety of laced styles, giving the corset a newfound image of power and strength.

In the 1960s, designers like Vivienne Westwood subverted the traditional meaning of the corset to reimagine it as an emblem of rebellion against the establishment. But, as lycra and stretchy materials took hold in the fashion world, the interest in the corset diminished. That is, until the period romance TV series Bridgerton sparked a corset renaissance.

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