Have you ever been on auction sites and wondered how so many individuals could be selling the same designer sunglasses at a tremendous discount? The fact of the matter is that these are replicas, or better yet fakes. Wholesale designer sunglass manufacturers do not tend to sell directly to individuals. You must pass strict criteria to qualify and become a reseller of these name brand sunglasses, and believe me the average auction seller does not. Many buyers will believe the sellers word that the designer sunglasses are indeed authentic, only to be disappointed when they arrive. There are ways to find authentic wholesale sunglasses on the Internet, even on auction sites.

In my guide to finding authentic wholesale sunglasses, I would like to start off by pointing out the obvious fakes. Everybody has heard the old adage, if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. Well, when it comes to purchasing online, especially auction sites, if it sounds to good to be true it is. Always look at the other items that the seller has up for sale. If they are selling everything from bubblegum to designer sunglasses, you can be sure that they are likely fake. If the seller has the designer sunglasses listed at a tremendous discount, and has multiple listings of that same product line, it is almost certain they are replicas. Often times sellers will tell you they are replicas, but many pass them off as originals.

However, there are some exceptions to the rule.   Many sellers will claim that they received the sunglasses as a gift. If this is the case you can get a nice discount on an individual pair of sunglasses, but for the most part you are not going to find wholesale designer sunglasses individually.

The best way to find wholesale designer sunglasses is to inquire directly with the manufacturers themselves. Put together a spreadsheet of all the companies that you inquire with, along with their responses and requirements. If you do not have an established presence off or online it will be very difficult to get approved, but it is worth the effort in trying.

The second best way to find wholesale designer sunglasses is to contact the distributors. These are the companies that are approved authorized dealers with the designer sunglass companies. Often times you can go directly to the manufacturer and ask for a list of authorized dealers. Contact theses dealers and ask if they supply at wholesale discounts. Even it does not mention wholesale at all on their website, be sure to ask them. The trouble with this method is that the prices will be marked up. Depending on the profit margin you may still be able to make a decent profit.

Bulk lots and pallet purchases are a good way to purchase wholesale for many products, but when it comes to designer sunglasses lesser is sometimes more. You can never be too cautious when purchasing wholesale merchandise. Always order a sample product if possible, and carefully examine the merchandise for authenticity and defects.

One rule of thumb when it comes to buying wholesale designer sunglasses is if it’s coming from China it’s almost certainly fake. China is notorious for manufacturing replica designer items, and selling them off as authentic. If you are ever in question about a products authenticity it is best to continue on with your research, and leave that company behind. Remember the old adage, if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.

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