Cire-perdue aka shed wax spreading is a type of steel spreading in which a liquid form of steel is poured into a particular mold (produced by means of the wax design). After obtaining the mold and mildew, the ready design of wax is liquified again and tired far from the mold. Lost wax spreading is further divided into two categories.

Silica sol spreading: The technique of silica sol spreading is utilized for the manufacturing of those products that require extremely accurate measurements together with high-level deterioration resistance. The products that are made by this kind of casting also have terrific surface top quality. Silica sol casting is separated right into four significant actions. The important actions involved in silica sol casting are given below:

  • Making from wax
  • Making of shell
  • Preparation of spreading
  • Post-processing

Among the disadvantages of silica sol casting is that it is a bit expensive as contrasted to water glass spreading.

Water glass spreading: Sodium silicate spreading aka water glass casting is a sophisticated casting approach in which water is utilized as a binder for the covering to cast. This kind of spreading is usually made for acquiring big complex shapes with high precision. The parts that are gotten from this kind of casting are used in various industries including farming equipment, overseas markets, and more.

One of the best sides of water glass spreading is that it is cheap as compared to water glass casting.

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