Reborn babies look like real little people, but they aren’t. In the USA and England, these dolls are a mega-trend. But why do people buy lifelike dolls?

Reborn Babies As Images Of Deceased Children

It is very controversial when mothers have their deceased children make dolls. Some psychologists and grief counselors find it consolation for these mothers to cope with the death of their child. Others vehemently contradict this thesis. They believe the grief is only prolonged because this artificial surrogate baby is not a real one.

Reborn Babies As a Child Replacement? Not Necessarily

The price also explains the intended use: These babies are not built for children but serve as “toys” for adults. The focus is on three target groups. Collectors who only enjoy beautifully crafted dolls. Then childless couples or women live out their parenting/mothering feelings with these dolls. And tragically, mothers whose children have passed away.

Collectible Baby Dolls

Most of the time it is women who collect dolls. That’s not new. For decades, women, in particular, have enjoyed exhibiting dolls as collector’s items.

No wonder that collectors’ hearts beat faster when they see these detailed baby dolls. Real hair is often used so that the baby’s head looks exactly like it does on a real baby.  

Small wrinkles on the feet or hands look exactly like those on newborns. And sometimes there is even a small drop of saliva hanging from the mouth. Such collectors can also get excited about dolls that are modeled on famous people. So, they collect reborn baby boy dolls along with girl dolls.

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