The beautiful Coco Chanel said: “Hands are women’s business cards.” She was absolutely right because her nails and manicured hands attracted, enchanted, empowered women and reflected her personality. No wonder the beautiful half of humanity pays so much attention to manicure.

Even 10 years ago, women had to cover their nails with colored varnish every 3-5 days, but now gel polish makes it possible to apply color every 2-3 weeks, saving time. ..

What is gel polish? What are the other benefits? Can I apply and remove at home? Or do I have to go to a manicurist? Let’s understand it.

What is gel polish? What is a good gel nail polish?

Gel Polish is so named because it is a hybrid of regular nail polish and extension gel. This material combines the highest quality of both coatings. The color and durability is up to 2-3 weeks.

It is as easy to put on the nail plate as a regular varnish, therefore it is easy to use at home.

Gel polish absorbs the properties of the gel, which not only makes it durable to walk on for 2-3 weeks with the coating applied, but also increases the stiffness of the nails. Gel polish strengthens the nail surface and allows owners of thin and brittle nails to extend the length of their nails.

Also, women are familiar with the problem of varnish bleeding and the long and painful wait for it to dry, but with gel polish you can forget about it.

There is a myth that gel polish damages the nails and makes them thin and brittle. But again, this is just a myth! Gel polish itself does not affect the nail surface. It can only deteriorate if the material is applied and removed correctly and if the nail polish owner re-cuts the coating.

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