custom laser cutting machine

If you are interested in custom laser cutting, here are a few tips. First, you should understand what types of lasers are available, such as CO2 lasers and Neodymium lasers. Then, you should decide whether XY gantry or Flying optics is more suitable for your needs. After all, a is a machine that allows you to cut anything with its laser.

XY gantry

An XY gantry laser cutting machine is a mechanical system that allows the cutting head to move in a precise manner over the work piece. The gantry allows the laser to make accurate cuts anywhere on the work bed. For laser cutting to be successful, the laser head must be focused on the surface of the material being cut. An XY gantry laser cutting machine can accomplish this task with ease.

Flying optics

A Flying optics is a highly versatile industrial tool designed for cutting intricate metal components. This machine features a high-precision motion control system and state-of-the-art optics to produce precise and clean cuts. Flying optics cutting machines are capable of multi-axis motion, so they can process various materials in different ways. The machine is also equipped with a powerful cooling system.

CO2 lasers

When determining the price for a custom laser cutting machine with CO2 gas, there are several factors to consider. The machine should be configured according to the materials and production demands. Some factors can increase the price, including the need for powerful lasers, imported components, and large working area. However, the process is safe and highly reliable. Buying a custom laser cutting machine with CO2 gas can be an excellent choice if you are in the market for one of these machines.

Neodymium lasers

Various laser cutting machines use a combination of gases to produce a beam of light. These lasers are useful for cutting a variety of materials, including sheet metal and industrial piping. The beam is emitted from a specialized lens, and the intensity of the beam determines the grade of the laser. Commercial lasers are organized into categories based on their wattage and eye injury hazards. Neodymium and CO2 lasers are the most common types of lasers used in laser cutting machines.

Fiber laser metal tube cutting machine

The high-precision drive system provides stability and reliability. The new automatic calibration functions reduce manual labor and improve safety performance. The modular design of the machine allows for easy addition or replacement of functional components to meet different user needs. Rapid platform exchanging with a time of 30 seconds is another feature, which can improve work efficiency. It can automatically adjust the focal length of the cut to the optimum value based on the thickness of the tube.

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