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In this article, we’ll take a look at the S2 Media Dispense Module, which is available for new SelfServ 20, 30, and 80 Series ATMs. It features a new note transport mechanism, separate compartments for purged notes, and a new cassette loading system. These new features are aimed at improving the user’s experience.

Condition of ncr dispenser

An NCR S2 dispenser was recently found to have a memory write vulnerability, allowing an unauthenticated user to run arbitrary code or bypass firmware restrictions. NCR has since released firmware version 0x0108 to address this issue. This type of attack is increasing in frequency. According to the European Association for Secure Transactions, there were 114 black box attacks in 2017. This makes it vital for ATMs to have the latest firmware versions.

Features of the S2 Media Dispense Module

The S2 Media Dispense Module is a versatile dispense solution for SelfServ 20, 30, and 90 series ATMs. It is specifically designed to meet the changing needs of the global ATM market. Its innovative ncr dispenser features allow it to dispense various types of media including polymer and paper notes in a variety of environments. In addition, it offers improved serviceability and enhanced security in the ATM channel.

Available for new SelfServ 20, 30 and 80 Series ATMs

The latest SelfServ ATMs offer a wide range of new features. They are equipped with built-in video banking and a full-glass, 19-inch touch screen. The display allows customers to pinch, swipe, zoom and view digital marketing messages. In addition, they support video banking and cardless cash withdrawals.

SelfServ 20, 30 and 80 Series ATMs can now be equipped with the S2 media dispenser module, which delivers improved security, serviceability, and availability. This module delivers the benefits of dual-core processing, while providing higher security. It also offers enhanced compatibility with NCR’s ATM management software.

NCR’s CxMarketing software makes ATMs a valuable marketing asset by allowing businesses to collect, update and share customer ncr dispenser information. This software allows users to create customized, connected consumer experiences. It can also be used to send relevant offers to customers, keep track of favorite transactions and more.

To prevent jackpotting, the ATMs have an encryption system that protects sensitive data. This feature makes jackpotting software more difficult to crack. ATMs can also pay credit balances, add credit to cell phones, and accept currency and checks. They also allow users to write checks without envelopes.

Self-service technology is gaining popularity worldwide. The growth is especially evident in new regions such as Eastern Europe and the Baltics. In 2009, self-service device sales increased by 60 percent. NCR, the company that manufactures self-service ATMs, currently holds a 72% share of the market. In Russia, NCR’s terminals were installed in a number of stores.

ATMs are now equipped with self-diagnostics to prevent skimming and fraud. Metal tents provide greater stability than plastic ones. In addition, the angle at which clients receive notes is optimal for maximum visibility. This allows banks to identify the validity of notes. There are a number of security features in the SelfServ 80 Series ATMs.

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