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watch winder safes

Whether you need a watch winder for your jewelry or you just want to keep your valuables secure, it pays to choose the right one. There are a number of different options to choose from, including BlumSafe, Wolf, Atlas, Cheopz, and Benson Black Series. You’ll want to take your time and make sure you find one that fits your needs.


Among the many different watch safe brands available, BlumSafe stands out as a high-quality, dependable safe. Not only is it well-built, but it also includes a programmable electronic lock, which allows you to set a unique 1-10 digit code to lock your watch. This safe is also equipped with two override keys, which allow you to access your watch without having to open the crown.

Another important feature of this safe is the dual door locking bolts and a pry-resistant hinge bar. Each of these features can prevent a crowbar attack. The toughed glass display window is 18mm thick, making it very resistant to prying attacks.

BlumSafe offers a wide range of safes for different budgets. Some of them can cost up to $2000, while others cost less than $1500. The prices vary based on the model you choose.

Designed by Rob Blum, an avid watch collector, BlumSafe has a reputation for quality and convenience. While some of the company’s safes are made in China, others are made in the United States.

BlumSafe’s safes are easy to mount and are a great way to store your valuables. They feature thick walls, which are about 20-33% thicker than competitor models. They also include a locking deadbolt. These deadbolts slide into anti-pry insertion slots, which minimize gaps. The locks also have a secret hiding spot.

BlumSafe is available in two different models. The cabinet door version is made from solid steel, and the wall safe is made from a more affordable material. Both models come with all of the accessories you need to mount and use your safe.

BlumSafe also offers the option of a display door, which allows you to see your watch while it is locked. The display door requires you to remove your existing door and hinges. It also includes a lighted polycarbonate window.


WOLF’s flagship product, the Atlas, is a multi-functional lockable watch winding system. The patented innovation boasts a number of notable features, from its innovative design to watch winder safes its patented technology, the Atlas is a technologically advanced device. The most impressive aspect of the Atlas is the security it provides, allowing you to securely store your most prized possessions.

One of the more unique features of the Atlas is the patented technology allowing you to control the rotational directions of each individual winder. This allows you to program your device in a way that suits your unique needs. The nifty WOLF Atlas app is available for both Android and iOS and allows you to control the rotational directions of each winder via Bluetooth technology.

The WOLF Atlas also makes use of patented technology to protect the timepieces inside. The LusterLoc linings on the interior storage drawers feature an anti-tarnished ultrasuede material to prevent scratches and nicks. The exterior of the safe features a high gloss onyx finish and is accented with polished chrome hardware. The WOLF Atlas is also the first in its class to be UL tested for burglary.

The WOLF Atlas is also a testament to WOLF’s dedication to craftsmanship and security. The patented technology and patented design of the Atlas demonstrates WOLF’s commitment to quality and security. The WOLF Atlas also includes a two-year factory warranty. The WOLF Atlas is the best in its class. The best part is, the WOLF is the best value for money on the market. You get all the luxuries of a top-of-the-line safe in a price that will make your bank account smile. WOLF has a wide selection of safes to suit your needs.

Benson Black Series

Designed with the latest technology and a sleek finish, Benson Black Series watch winder safes offer the ultimate in watch storage. This line of luxury winders is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen to provide maximum quality and security.

Benson Black Series watch winder safes come with a soft-close hinge, a touch-screen control panel, and LED lighting. This innovative design allows for personalized settings for each watch, including the number of turns per day and direction of rotation.

Benson Black Series watch winder cases also feature a USB port on the back of the case. This allows you to charge your mobile device or a tablet. Besides the touch-screen, there are also stainless steel feet and a surface finish to give the case a classic, stylish look.

Benson Black Series watch winder models are available in carbon, white and black finishes. The Black Series line of watch winders is considered to be the most luxurious of all Benson’s lines.

The Benson Black Series watch winder safes have a high-quality winding system and an ultra-modern fingerprint lock. These safes also offer a convenient storage place for your automatic watches. They feature a stylish design that is suitable for a wide audience. They come with a two-year warranty and a manual. Moreover, they come with bolts that can anchor the safe.

The Benson Black Series watch winder is a great choice for automatic watches. It offers an attractive price, a soft-close hinge, and a touchscreen that allows for individual watch settings. The Benson Black Series also offers storage space for up to five watches.

With its sleek and modern design, the Benson Black Series watch winder safe is a must-have for every watch lover.


Whether you are looking for a safe to keep your watches or an accessory to display your favorite watches, Cheopz watch winder safes have the features you are looking for. With an alarm system and a 1-10 digit code, you can rest easy knowing your watches are safe.

The Cheopz safe features a solid steel construction. Its 18mm explosion-proof glass window is designed for security. It has dual locking bolts and a pry-resistant hinge bar. There is also an alarm system that sounds for twenty seconds after three incorrect passwords are entered. It is also equipped with an external battery pack.

The Cheopz safe is fully automatic. It comes with a watch winder safes LCD controller that allows you to set the rotation directions for each watch holder. It also features a motor-stop option that will prevent the winding mechanism from breaking down.

A built-in LED light provides a beautiful sight for your watches as they spin. The interior of the case features plush velvet lining. It also includes a carabiner to attach your watch.

The case also features an 18-month warranty. It is designed to fit up to 50mm watches. It also has a high-quality YKK zipper and is crushproof. It also comes with a soft microfiber polishing cloth that can be used to clean your wristwatch.

The Cheopz safe is also made with Japanese Mabuchi motors. They are very quiet and operate with minimal friction. They can also be programmed to rotate in either a counterclockwise or clockwise direction. They are also pre-drilled for wall mounting. They also come with two override keys.

The Cheopz safe also comes with an AC adapter. It includes an 18-month warranty and an instruction manual.


WOLF is the name of a brand that’s been around for almost 185 years and is known for its fine watch winders, jewelry cases, and other products. They’re also known for their patented innovations. The WOLF Atlas safe collection features two top-of-the-line safes. They are both UL tested, fire resistant, and certified to be the safest and most secure on the market.

The WOLF Atlas safe collection is a perfect match for your collection of luxury watches. These are designed to offer you the security you need to store your expensive timepieces, along with the convenience of a mobile app. The app provides you with the ability to configure and control the rotation of your watches, without the need to use a manual.

The Atlas safe is made of a fire-resistant steel and coated in a gloss finish. It also boasts a high-tech touchscreen control panel for each rotor. The safe also has an adapter on the back of the unit, which allows you to place it virtually anywhere. It’s also code-protected with a Palusol fire seal.

The WOLF Atlas safe collection offers a suite of security features, including a fire-resistant door that expands eight times its original size. This ensures that your valuables will be safe no matter what happens. The unit’s high-tech features include a custom anti-tarnish LusterLoc ultrasuede interior, which stops tarnishing for at least 35 years.

The WOLF watches winder is a precision instrument that counts rotations to ensure that each watch is always rotated on time. You can also program the winder for bi-directional rotations and a 6 to 72-hour start delay.

The WOLF watches winder also offers a variety of other features, including Bluetooth controlled winders. WOLF also manufactures jewelry cases, which are an excellent choice for displaying and securing your valuable timepieces. The WOLF brand is committed to providing consumers with only the best in watch winders, jewelry cases, and other high-end products.

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