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Corsets have shaped a woman’s silhouette for centuries. They’ve been embraced for their erotic appeal, as well as their ability to shrink the waist and create heaving bosoms.

There are still people referred to as tight lacers who wear them to constrict the size of their natural waists, but corset lingerie is now more mainstream than ever. You’ll see them everywhere from high school proms to dance floors.

Corset Lingerie

The corset is one of the most iconic pieces of lingerie in history. Though it fell out of fashion in the 1920s and was replaced by girdles and elastic brassieres, the iconic garment has seen numerous revivals over the decades.

A corset can be worn on its own or with a matching set of garters. It can be laced tight to enhance the hourglass silhouette and make the figure look slimmer or loosened to give the appearance of a fuller bust. Corsets can be made from a variety of materials, including leather and vinyl. They are also often decorated with rhinestones, lace, and other designs for a vintage or gothic look.

There are two types of corsets: underbust and overbust. Underbust corsets do not cover the breasts and are sexy corset designed to support and shape the waist only. Overbust corsets are more reminiscent of the Victorian-era style, covering the breasts and shaping the torso to create an hourglass silhouette.

To find the right size corset, measure your natural waist in inches. You can do this by bending over and wrapping a measuring tape around your torso at its most narrow part (where you naturally form a crease). To avoid sizing errors, it’s best to order a corset four inches smaller than your natural waist measurement. Corsets are often available in a wide range of sizes, from XXS to 4X.

Camellias Corsets

Camellias is a company that specializes in sexy corsets. They have a wide range of styles and are a trusted source for all of your needs. They are a fully legitimate business and operate in 164 countries worldwide. Customers have reported excellent customer service and satisfaction with this company.

This overbust fashion corset is made from satin with a surface brocade design and plastic boning. It has stainless steel busks in the front and ribbon criss cross adjustable lacing in the back. It’s perfect for bridal lingerie,steampunk wedding dresses,Halloween costumes and date nights. It can also be used for burlesque or any intimate setting. It can help slim your waistline and give you a more hourglass shape. Choose the size based on your natural waistline measurement.


If you’re looking for a sexy corset that is made to be worn under your clothes and will sculpt your hourglass figure, then look no further than this Zhitunemi Lace Up Boned Jacquard Brocade Waist Training Underbust Corset. This waist trainer is made from satin, cotton and spandex and it’s lined with soft cotton fabric inside to ensure maximum comfort. It also helps to even out unsightly bumps and bulges for a slimmer, more natural and sleek appearance. It has a hook eye closure front for a perfect fit and lace up back for adjustment.

Many of today’s hottest celebrities enthusiastically endorse shapewear garments and corsets. The reason why is because wearing a corset can help you look and feel slimmer since it compresses your stomach, hips, waist, and buttocks. The high levels of compression also promotes weight loss by encouraging you to eat fewer meals throughout the day.

This corset is ideal for any occasion, whether you want to dress it up for Halloween or wear it under a sexy dress for a night out on the town. It can sexy corset also be used as a costume for characters such as a vampiress, witch, or Victorian. It can be worn under a skirt or mini dress to create a Gothic look.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Corset

The extroverted Dr. Harleen Quinzel is DC Comics’ slightly deranged, somewhat psychotic Psychiatrist and love interest of The Joker (Batman’s arch-nemesis). She’s trademarked by her blue and pink pigtails, red, black and white clothing and diamonds. She’s often seen with her friends Catwoman and Poison Ivy, Gotham City’s Gotham Sirens.

Margot Robbie donned this outfit as Harley in the 2016 film Suicide Squad. Eagle-eyed Redditors noticed that the David Ayer cut of the movie included a shot that seemed to show Harley pulling her New 52 costume out of a box, but the filmmakers ultimately chose to stick with her classic jester jumpsuit look.

This costume includes a form-fitting black corset with a faux lace-up bodice and a printed skirt with a harlequin pattern. It also comes with a belt featuring an “HQ” logo and an attached bolero jacket. It’s a simple and affordable choice for anyone looking to recreate this popular character from pop culture.

If you want to dress up as Harley for Halloween or a cosplay event, this sexy corset is the perfect top piece. Its high neck and lace-up details give it a sexy and dramatic look, while the embroidered Harley logo adds an extra touch of sexiness. Pair it with a pair of black leggings, boots and a dagger to complete your ensemble.

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