An endoscope is the simple but most advanced type of equipment in the medical science. The endoscope is the best advancement in the science technology which provides health experts to do surgery without invading a patients internally. An endoscope is consist of many spare parts like bending rubber, insertion tube, valves, camera, fiber optic bundles, lenses, video heads & button and many more. All the components of endoscope has their specific function which makes the operator to operate the endoscope easily.

Some endoscope are designed to control the camera view and its operation by the head movement of the surgeon. These type of endoscope contains video heads & buttons which is controlled by the head movement of the surgeon, hence leaves more space behind the surgeon to operate the patients inside. The video heads & buttons (endoscope) type of endoscope provides more flexibility to the user to operate on the patients. This spare part of endoscope is readily available in the market and can be browsed easily.

The video heads made it easier to see the examination easily and analyze it far better than the normal endoscope. The video heads & buttons no longer uses any kind of optical fiber as light source which makes it easier to handle and makes the endoscope unit lightier. This part i.e. video heads & buttons of endoscope has huge contribution in treating patients as video heads & buttons provides the examiner with the internal photos and if there is some advanced kind of head is used then videos are also available. The video heads & buttons are replaceable kind of part in endoscope which can be replaced with new one if found defected.

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