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The bending part of an endoscope is the “spine” of the endoscope. Some metal bands are linked in such a way that they act as vertebral replacements- the airspace – the vertebrae. This configuration allows you to move the spine both vertically and horizontally.

A bending part of an endoscope, comprising:

A plurality of hinge rings, a plurality of hinge rings having a connecting portion projecting radially inwardly from each hinge ring at each end thereof, and a multiplicity of hinge rings having a distal portion extending longitudinally.

Multiple rivets Multiple connecting rings Multiple rivets connecting two adjacent connecting pieces. Each rivet has a wire guide head, each rivet having a head protruding from each inner periphery of the plurality of connecting rings. If

The bend control cable is guided to the core section of the guide, each of several rivets is placed into the presence section;

Here, The bend control cable’s maximum longitudinal distance across both ends of the distal section and each of the plurality of rivets connecting each connecting part is shorter than the bending control cable’s distance between each connecting part. Distal part of the connecting part to prevent the bend control wire from contacting the O-ring between strong bends of the bending part.

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