As the name suggests, the purification machine which is used for cleaning the air is known as an air purifier. As development is at its peak, several industries are introduced everywhere. Out of various industries, there are some industries that are polluting our environment on a large scale. The industries which use fossil fuels produce harmful smoke and dust particles in tons that are the source of air pollution.

Mining industries, oil and coal factories, and other industries where coal, oil are burned in abundant quantities are the main source of air pollution. Because of air pollution, several new diseases are developing. People who are living near industrial areas, or near the areas where there is excessive traffic can suffer from various types of diseases like asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), and many other respiratory diseases.

To avoid such diseases and to inhale clean air, air purifiers are made. Even if you are living away from the industrial areas, there are still chances that you can suffer from airborne diseases. Because deadly particles are mixed in the air. They travel along with the wind. And reaches every house and corner. Installing an air purifier at your place can protect you from airborne diseases. 

Furthermore, air purifiers are proven beneficial to asthma patients, in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people who are suffering from asthma have swollen bronchial pipes, and pollutants can block their airways. Due to blocked airways, they may feel difficulty in breathing. The air purifier can eradicate all types of particles from the air so that the patient can freely inhale the air. 

If you want to inhale fresh and clean air, you should install an air purifier at your place ASAP.

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