The well-known motto “Clothes make the man” can currently be rephrased to “Clothes make you happy”. If you “prepare” yourself for the day, you also do something for your own well-being. Such a suit can feel like armor that you wear throughout the day.

In a well-tailored suit, both men and women always make a Bella figura: the two-piece suit conceals what you want to hide and emphasizes an elegant silhouette.

More technically equipped fabrics are needed that are more flexible, wrinkle-less, or are even rain-repellent. You should be able to wash a suit at home in the washing machine instead of having to take it to the dry cleaner.

Business fashion for female suits should not be a copy of men’s suits – but how feminine and fashionable can it be? More and more suppliers are dealing with this question and are enriching the market for female two-piece suits with different approaches.

A Color Change is in: Light Brown is the New Gray:

It doesn’t always have to be gray, black, or navy blue: a modern alternative for men to the classic, boring suit colors are light brown tones.

Fortunately, the times when the wife took care of the husband’s clothes purchase are long gone. Both young and established companies are addressing their self-confident and fashion-conscious clientele directly with new store concepts.

The most recent example is the women’s concept store Guangzhou Qin Tai Garment company, with casual wear and made-to-measure clothing as well as a barber, coffee bar, delicatessen department, made-to-measure clothing, and cosmetic treatments.

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