decorative window film

Decorative Window Film

You’ve probably seen decorative window film at the local bank, health club or hotel – it’s the tasteful frosting that keeps areas like conference rooms private while allowing natural light to flow in.

Residential decorative window film has many great benefits including the ability to transform your home without a huge investment. Let’s talk about 5 ways that you can use decorative window film to change the look of your space!

Enhances the Appearance of Your Windows

Decorative window film offers a wide variety of options to give new life to a home or office space without the cost of replacement windows. It can be applied in a matter of minutes and easily removed when you change your mind or want to try something different. Unlike traditional wall treatments that leave behind residue and stains, this window film is safe to clean with mild cleaners.

With the variety of patterns and colors available, you can add a unique design to your glass surfaces that will turn heads. Some styles resemble expensive etched glass, but at a fraction of the price. Window films also offer varying degrees of privacy to help keep your interiors safe from prying eyes.

Natural light is essential to productivity, but direct sunlight can cause glares on computer screens and cause furniture to fade and discolor. Decorative window film helps to filter out harsh UV rays, protecting furnishings and flooring while allowing natural light into your home or office. This can also save you on energy costs by reducing your dependence on artificial lighting.

Increases Privacy

Decorative window film makes it hard for people outside of your home to see inside, even at night. Depending on the style you choose, you can obscure your interior with frosted or stained glass decorative window film. Unlike traditional privacy curtains, you won’t sacrifice natural light.

Frosted or stained glass patterned window film allows natural light to flow through, yet still prevents outsiders from seeing into your home or office. These films are especially useful for large street-facing windows that are easily visible from the sidewalk.

Many homes and offices have decorative window film replaced walls with glass for a more open and collaborative environment. While this is great for promoting productivity, it can also be a challenge when it comes to privacy and personal space.

Decorative window film is a great way to add privacy without closing off your interiors or sacrificing natural light. From rice paper kitchen cabinet film to color gradients for bathroom windows, the possibilities are endless. There are also dark or blackout window film options for those that want a complete privacy solution.

Reduces Glares

Decorative window film allows natural light to enter the home or workplace without glare. This helps increase productivity and comfort for everyone in the building or office, especially when working on a computer screen. Additionally, this type of window tint blocks up to 99 percent of damaging UV rays that can cause skin damage and fade furniture and flooring.

In addition to blocking UV rays, decorative window films reduce the amount of sunlight that shines through glass. This prevents glare that can be distracting, uncomfortable or even dangerous for people in the room. This is a great benefit for large conference rooms, commercial offices and home spaces that often have a high concentration of computers or television screens.

Decorative window film is available in a variety of styles and patterns that can be customized for your specific needs. From frosted windows in a conference room to a custom work of art on your bathroom window, there is a lot of flexibility in this style of window treatment. And because these windows are removable, you can change the design or pattern whenever you want without needing to replace the window itself.

Increases Energy Efficiency

Window film is a cost-effective solution to boost natural light in a home or office building while decorative window film providing privacy. It can also be easily removed when design changes are needed, making it a smarter option than costly custom glass.

Decorative window film adds a layer of insulation to windows, helping to keep heated or cooled air inside the building. This reduces energy consumption, which in turn lowers the cost of utility bills.

The frosted design of window films is also visually appealing and adds a unique touch to a room. Whether it’s to create the appearance of rice paper kitchen cabinets or color gradients in the bathroom, there are many creative ways to use this type of window film.

Boosting natural light in an office environment is a great way to increase productivity and morale. However, direct sunlight can cause glare on computer screens, resulting in the need for blinds or overhead lighting to address this issue. Window tint helps to minimize glare, keeping the productivity of employees consistent. It also protects furnishings from the harsh rays of the sun that can lead to premature fading.

Protects Against UV Rays

Decorative window film protects occupants from dangerous ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which causes sunburn and skin cancer. It also protects furnishings from fading caused by UV radiation, which contributes to 80% of visible fading. Window films with darker tints filter out UV rays, while still allowing natural light into a space.

Fading is caused by a combination of factors including solar heat, visible light and ultraviolet radiation. UV protection window film combats the fading of carpet, fabric and furniture by blocking nearly all of the sun’s harmful UV rays. This helps to prolong the life of furnishings and reduces reliance on artificial lighting.

Bright, open spaces are beneficial for collaboration and creativity in the workplace. Frosted window film allows for a sense of openness without closing off areas like conference rooms or hotel lobbies. This film is also easy to remove, which provides the flexibility to switch out the design of a room at any time. It is also a great way to add branding to your company or promote events and sales. The possibilities are endless!

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