Gel nail polish has become extremely popular in the last few years. Everyone wants the gel manicure look, but so many people don’t know how to achieve it. To make your gel manicures last and your nails look great, you need to have a few simple tips down pat. The following are 3 amazing gel nail polish tips that will improve the overall look of your nails and help your gel manicure last longer.

Tips For Improving Gel Manicures:

Following are the three essential tips for a good gel manicure:

Preparing The Nails For The Application Of Gel Nail Polish:

Before you start painting your nails, remove any old nail polish from your fingers. 

Use a gentle nail polish remover and remove the rest of the old nail lacquer carefully. Then soak cotton swabs with an alcohol solution and wipe each finger to remove any residue from the previous step. On top of that, trim and shape your nails as well!

Apply Base Coat:

The base coat is an essential part of your manicure and it helps protect your natural nails from any damage that may occur during the process. Before applying a coat, make sure that all of your nails are clean and ready for new gel nails. 

Purchase The Necessary Equipment:

There are many different types of gel nail polishes on the market today. Before you begin, make sure you have all of the supplies needed to apply your polish properly. 

Using quality equipment helps to ensure that your nails look great for longer periods of time. Consider buying BLUESKY Gel Polish Starter Kit to get all the necessary equipment if you are new to gel manicures. 


With these three essential tips, anyone can go for a perfect gel manicure look. 

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