Gel nail polish has obtained a lot of popularity within the last couple of years and also permanently reason– it’s durable, lasts a long time, and also leaves your nails looking shiny even after the polish has been damaged.

This article breaks down the advantages and disadvantages of gel nail polish, in addition to its advantages and disadvantages contrasted to conventional nail polish. If you’re considering repainting your nails thus, keep reading– this post is simply what you require!


  • Gel nail polish is lasting. It can last approximately two weeks with proper treatment.
  • Gel nail gloss is curated with U.V light, making it quicker to dry than traditional nail polish. So, there is no need to stress over smudging the wet nail polish.
  • Applying gel nail polish can lengthen your nails. Gel nail polish works as a guard and protects your nails from damage. So, your nails are less most likely to be damage, and also they will grow faster.
  • Gel nail gloss is simple to collaborate with. You can experiment with numerous styles when it involves gel nail polish.


  • Gel nail gloss can be costly. Typically, you require to pay 15 to 25 dollars a lot more to obtain gel manicures than simple manicures.
  • The elimination procedure of gel nail gloss can be dangerous. The frequent use of acetone to get rid of gel nail gloss can hurt your nails.
  • Gel nail gloss can squash the nail otherwise used appropriately.


The bottom line is that gel nail gloss is much better than standard nail polish in spite of its minor downsides. Overall, offer gel nail brighten a shot!

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