Why go to the nail salon when we can easily make our own gel nails? We have the perfect guide and the best tips for it.

Admittedly, the whole thing is a bit more extensive than just painting your nails. The result looks even better for that! So that you are well equipped for your little beauty project, you need a small set of different utensils for gel nails. We’ll tell you what’s important.

In addition to the classic helpers for a thorough manicure, you need the following things:

  • Lint-free cellulose (alternatively: cotton pads)
  • High quality and suitable nail file
  • Nail polish remover
  • Buffers or polishing files
  • Paintbrush 
  • Cleaner / disinfectant
  • primers, adhesives
  • UV gel (for priming and sealing; often it is a base and topcoat in one)

The preparation: It is important to remember that the preparation starts with the removal of extra cuticles. After that, you should push them down a little. 

In the second step, you should now degrease and disinfect your hands or nails. Then you can roughen the nail surface with a buffer, but please don’t overdo it!

Select gel: Depending on what type of gel you use, you can now continue.

Apply gel: Now the gel really gets going. Grab the nail brush and apply the first layer and then let it dry by using a UV lamp for around 2 minutes. 

Apply color: Would you like some more color? You can decorate your self-made gel nails with gel nail polish.

Nail care is also quite important. Therefore, please use nail oil afterward.

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