Nail polish remover can be made yourself in just a few steps. In this article, we tell you which ingredients you need, how best to proceed with the production, and which home remedies are ideally suited as an alternative.

Make Your Own Nail Polish Remover:

To make your own nail polish remover, all you need is lemon and white vinegar.

  • First, put the juice of half a lemon in a bowl.
  • Now add two tablespoons of white wine vinegar.
  • Then mix the two ingredients together well.
  • In order to remove the nail polish, you need to put your nails in the mixture for about 10 minutes.
  • You can then remove the nail polish residue with a cotton pad.

The Best Nail Polish Remover Alternatives:

In addition to the homemade nail polish remover made from lemon and white wine vinegar, there are also many home remedies that are ideal as an alternative:

  • To remove nail polish without a remover, you can use clear nail polish. Put a layer of it on your nail and wipe it off with a cotton pad immediately afterward. In this way, you not only remove the topcoat, but also the old nail polish.
  • Perfume can also be used as a nail polish remover because of the alcohol it contains. To do this, spray perfume into a cotton pad and use it to remove your nail polish. Since the alcohol has a drying effect, you should use a nail and hand cream afterward.
  • Hairspray is also a good alternative. Put this on a cotton pad as well and then use it as a normal nail polish remover.
  • If you have acetone at home, you can mix it with castor oil and use it as a remover as well.

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