Anybody that often paints their nails understands the problem. The nail gloss broke off rapidly. This must not happen with gel nail polish.

Clean nails not just look attractive, however, they can additionally finish a look. Most of the time, the nails are not only filed and brightened right into shape but additionally given with nail gloss. The stupid aspect of it: With standard nail gloss, the color commonly exfoliates once again after a few days. Not just does it look unclean, but you likewise need to invest time in painting your fingernails.

Gel nail gloss, also known as gel polish, is intended to treat that. Makers assure a longer life span of as much as 3 weeks for the Gel Gloss. The advantage about it: More and more suppliers are offering their gel manicures without UV light. That indicates you can just let them air dry. A UV or LED lamp is no more absolutely required.

Let’s very first clarify what gel manicures really are. While much of us know the technique of gel nails from the nail beauty parlor, in which our very own nails are artificially built up with the help of gel, gel manicures are actually nothing more than a regular manicure that lasts much longer.

However, there are distinctions below too: There is a UV gel gloss that only dries out with the help of a UV or LED light as well as gel polish that dries in the air. Nevertheless, both assure a longer service life than traditional nail polish. Toenail polishes made with gel are frequently a bit thicker (thanks to the gel structure), which additionally makes them extra versatile on the nail. This must make the color last a lot longer.

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