In recent years, girls and women are increasingly using the services of nail salons. At the peak of popularity, nail polish (or shellac) is now covered. Its advantages are the mechanical strengthening of the nail plate and the preservation of a perfect manicure at least three times longer than when using regular nail polish.

Gel Polish reliably keeps on the nails, preserves the integrity of the coating during physical work, and protects the nail from splitting. However, it is necessary to give the nail plate rest and feed its surface so that the natural layer is not damaged.

The coating consists of chemical components. Therefore, you should adhere to certain rules of application and choose only the best gel nail polish manicurists.

When using varnish there are its own contraindications: diseases of the nail plate or periungual roller (for example, fungus), violation of the integrity of the nail, and hypersensitivity to the components of gel polish. Also, remove the coating from the master, otherwise, you can simply damage the nail or the skin of the fingers.

In addition, shellac has a wide range of colors, so choosing the color of the manicure will not be difficult, especially since the combined manicure has long been in trend.

The first and fundamental rule of using a lid is to do it for a professional. No matter how simple and easy it may seem, the masters are specially trained in all procedures for preparing nails for coating and the most harmless removal.

To avoid damage to the structure of the nails and their yellowing, you must:

  • Follow the recommendations for choosing the power of the UV lamp and the drying time of the varnish.
  • Apply a thicker base coat under the dark shades of polishes to avoid staining the natural nail.
  • Only use proven and quality brands.
  • Choose coverage while applying that requires no nail trimming.
  • Avoid use if possible. Products containing alcohol and acetone.

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